Building Bridges


Here’s a live recording of Dad and I singing and playing ‘Building Bridges’. It’s not perfect – but it’s good enough to learn from and sing along with! Happy singing. The above photo is from 2011 when Kalim (my brother) and I visited Chengdu, China for two months and went to see the pandas!

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Here are the lyrics also:


1.   When the wall says stay away you’re from a different race

Gonna tell them there’s just one race it’s the human race.


So turn that wall into a bridge

Take your brothers by the hand

And walk across that bridge to the world God promised man.

We’re building bridges out of the walls,

Building bridges out of the walls,

Building / clap /bridges out of the walls that keep us apart.

2.   When the wall says stay away you’re from a different land

Gonna tell them the earth’s one country we’re world citizens.


3.   When the wall says stay away our cultures do not agree

Gonna tell them we are all the fruits of just one tree..


4.   When the wall says stay away our religions are not the same

Gonna tell them we just worship God by different names.



Learn How to BeatBox

Learn how to Beatbox

Young or youthful in heart, active or sedentary, male or female  – it is never too late to start beatboxing. All you need is a pair of lungs, a voice, patience and a good teacher. Kalim Bartlett, AKA ‘Beatbox Tangent’, has been teaching Beatboxing in schools for over two years alongside competing in National Beatboxing competitions, collaborating with artists in the UK and abroad and regularly meeting up with his fellow Beatboxing crew in London to jam together and enjoy the natural buzz of making music with the voice alone (see photo above).

Based in South Wales, Kalim is setting up the Creative Voice Beatboxing Academy – and is looking for young people to join the 12-15 group, the 16-19 group and the 19+ group. He will also have some (limited) slots available for private tuition for those who are really keen to get those beats flowing!

Contact Kalim at to let him know your interest, with ‘BBox lessons’ as the subject title.

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