Beat Construction

So as a beat-boxer I always have to update my material and expand my beatbox repertoire. The loop pedal I have recently purchased allows me to be more creative and dynamic with my beat-boxing and explore avenues that I never knew existed.  It fundamentally allows me to become a musician and not just someone that displays a funny gimmick.

It’s so important to find a good style in beatboxing that people can connect to, my style leans more towards entertaining people than anything else.  As a beat-boxer you can’t keep your set  the same for too long. I find it immensely inspiring and breathtaking every time I meet up with the beat-boxing community. I learn something new every time, whether it be a new technique, a new rhythm  or new sound. Musicality as well as creating diverse and exciting drum-beats and sound effects are the main ingredients for any interesting beatboxing set and I seek to progress as a musician in this regard.

Promoting my workshops

So the new school term has started and I’m hitting all the schools around Cardiff hard and fast.  In the past my workshops have had amazing feedback and kids have enjoyed themselves tremendously.  On September 20th Fleur and I are attending the Bigfoot Arts Education selection day which is at Chapter Arts Theatre in Cardiff, which offers drama, music and dance work in schools and community settings to freelance artists . This is providential because, as I said above, I’ve spent the last three weeks promoting my workshops to many schools around Cardiff. So hopefully this will be a big foot in the door for more possible work (ha ha!)

I’m going to be performing at a lot of open mic nights soon, so if you see me and like what you hear please come and support me! I’ll be in the second stage of the Open Mic 2010 competition at The Coal Exchange in Cardiff on the 24th October – so come and support me!

So I’ve got many things coming up in my Tangent life at the moment that will keep me on my toes. I’m really looking forward to be working with UCAN Productions again. It always feels like home every time I go back to UCAN. The positive, warm, kind and caring responses from the young people produces an atmosphere that I love working in. The project I’ll hopefully be involved with sounds very exciting but also on the other hand very challenging.  We will possibly be combining beat-boxing and body percussion with a full live symphony orchestra!

I’m also going to be doing lots of different things with OTT (a Club in Newport), this possibly could lead to BIGGER things but none of this is properly confirmed yet. So remember to keep your eyes peeled for possible colabs and gigs!

Peace, Beatbox Tangent 🙂