Sing Sang Sung!


Ah, it’s been too long since I last SANG!!!! I mean, I sing every day – either when I’m cooking, or to my cat (she puts up with it – thinks I’m praising her) or singing along to whatever drivel is being churned out of the radio recently (It really is quite bad at the moment – and if I hear that fireworks song just ONE more time! aaarrrggghhhh). But I haven’t composed a song, written any song lyrics, practised with Kalim for an up and coming performance or just lost myself in a new piece for blooming ages! I get caught up in the ever relentless aim of supporting my husband and myself – involved in work projects that take up all my time and energy. All my creative energy seems to go into cooking in these times – but even then I’m falling back on old recipes, rather than constructing new and wonderous taste-bud tingling plates of dinner loveliness.

So – this Crimble time I am giving myself about 10 days of holiday in which to get all creative and conjour up some music in my soul and life once again – also time for writing stories or adding another chapter to my Jove story. Listening to Peter Gabriel as I type this is helpful as I just love him so dearly. His songs fill me with an expansive yearning. I wish I could be one of his backing singers, maybe I should email him and send him an mp3 of my singing – who knows!

I feel Kalim and I also need to post some Creative Voice exerpts onto youtube too – if I can bear the scrutiny I will endure from myself as I listen back.

So wish me well – here I go with my pre-new year resolution. I hope to post some inspiring piece of good news very soon!