Tangent in China!

Easy everyone, I’m currently in Chengdu, China and I have to say its VERY hot here.

Prior to coming I was suffering immensely with my eczema. At the moment my eczema is still not amazing, but the hot weather is causing it to heal slightly. Today was the first day I got to see everything in its full cultural attire.

I’m always on red alert when it comes to food here with what I can and cannot eat, as I’m allergic to nuts and few other foods. Fleur and I visited the University where our friends from Wales (who are here for a year), Tessa and Thenna study. We were introduced to a Chinese friend called Angela, who helped us find a good mobile phone for the duration of our stay. Angela is Thenna’s language exchange partner. She practices her English with him and he practices his Chinese with her.

After that we ate Lunch at the University canteen. I have to be honest, using chopsticks was blooming hard- I’ve never experienced such pain in my hand ever except the time when I had to do a hundred press ups in football training. But the food was awesome, a sauce with bitter cucumber, fried dumplings and vegetables and a breaded beef slice which was really yummy, so much rice as well.

After that Tessa left to teach her Kindergarten class and Fleur, Angela, Thenna and I went to the sports field (astro-turf gravel) where Thenna was learning a dance with about fifty other University students, about six them being from countries outside of China. Fleur, Angela and I sat on the step (we took photos and filmed the rehearsal on our flip cameras) and watched Thenna learn how to strut his stuff!

The dance itself was performed to the theme tune to the last World Cup, I think it’s called “The Beautiful Game”, which was quite spectacular to watch. We asked Angela and Thenna if they could introduce us to the choreographer. Through Angela’s translation we asked him if we could interview him next week about his dancing. I demonstrated some beat-boxing to him which he was shocked and excited out, telling us he is a ‘Breaker’ and he agreed to have this interview, which is Pukka! All in all the experience so far has been mind blowing.

People here are so genuine and energetic. More to follow soon! Check out some of the photos below! POW


2 thoughts on “Tangent in China!

  1. Love and miss all of you so much! Keep us updated on your amazing adentures. Big love from Omid, Daniel (Stollar) and Rayyan.

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